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Collaborating in advanced care

Our full time certified nurse practitioners are ready to provide advanced care for you or your loved one. These medical professionals have earned graduate level advanced nursing degrees and received high-level clinical training so they can enhance and extend the services of your doctor.

For example, In collaboration with your physician, certified nurse practitioners can:

  • Diagnose, treat and assess your medical or laboratory conditions
  • Monitor your health status and address any changes
  • Order, perform and interpret medical tests
  • Prescribe medications and treatments

Working with your medical team, advocating for you

Certified nurse practitioners will work with you, your family, your doctors and skilled nursing staff and advocate for you. They will listen, offer counsel and guide you or your loved one in making informed healthcare decisions. Thanks to their frequent visits, they can intervene quickly as medical needs change, potentially helping to avoid unplanned trips to the hospital.


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