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Welcome to Legacy Health Services. We operate skilled nursing facilities throughout Northern Ohio. We seek to provide our residents with the care and services necessary to meet all of their clinical and non-clinical needs by hiring the best people we can find. We promote long-term employment of our staff and continually reinvest in our facilities. We continuously expand the scope and quality of the services and amenities that we offer. We strive to meet rigorous standards to provide the physical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual needs of our residents and patients.

As an innovative leader in our field, we frequently integrate new services and technologies into our services. Whether it is new clinical services and nutrition programs, or activities designed to entertain and enhance the quality of life for our residents, Legacy Health Services is always looking for better ways to deliver quality care. Our leadership begins with our employees.  Our residents and caregivers benefit from our positive employment environment that encourages the use of the latest techniques and technologies, and the pursuit of continuing education.

While our company is large enough to have the resources necessary to be at the forefront of health care service, we are still a family-owned and operated company delivering individualized and compassionate care. Our senior management team is actively involved promoting an environment conducive to providing close and personal attention to each resident’s needs and desires. Our skilled and experienced management team establishes and continually refines key performance standards.

We take a systems-oriented approach to the care and services that we provide in each facility and believe that execution is everything. This approach allows us to achieve superior outcomes for our residents.

Safety, Care and The Patient Experience At LHS

Short-term rehabilitation therapy can help you regain and maintain the skills and strength necessary to return to living as independently as possible. Our goal is to help our patients and residents return home.

Based on your condition, our tenured health care team and our licensed staff therapists work together and closely with you to develop a personalized plan of care.

Skilled Rehabilitation ServicesYou will work closely with an experienced therapist who knows you, understands your goals and supports you every step of the way. We believe that when you build a relationship based on trust and understanding, you will likely have a better experience and improved outcomes. We team up with full-time, masters level nurse practitioners. We have the state-of-the-art equipment to treat high-acuity patients with multiple conditions, ranging from post-operative recovery, stroke recovery, neurological disorders, diabetes and arthritis, to fractures and complex wounds.


We provide physical, occupational and speech therapies as well as respiratory therapy and a wide range of specialized care programs. The full list of services is detailed in our Specialized Care Services listing.

To learn more about our services, contact one of our facilities directly for a telephone conversation or a personal visit and tour.  For information on all of our facilities and their locations, click here to download the “Legacy Health Services Facilities at a Glance” PDF.

Click here to visit the Legacy Health Services YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/LegacyHealthServices