Meet Our Team

Yuvette Bozman


Yuvette Bozman has been part of the Cedarwood Plaza team for over three years.  With 16 years of healthcare experience, including working as a social worker, she embodies a “work hard” mindset. She is currently working towards her MBA.  Yuvette says, “I love what I do. My position gives me the opportunity to be engaged with people of all types, and I absolute enjoy working with people. If I can help one person or make one person happier in a day, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of what I do.”

Phyllis Tabbs

Director of Nursing

Phyllis began her career as an STNA while obtaining her ADN.  With over 35 years of healthcare experience, 23 of those as director of nursing, she is an excellent addition to the team at Cedarwood Plaza. Phyllis states, “Nursing was always my career choice and long-term care was where I wanted to be.” With this commitment to nursing, she ensures that the facility functions like a family, and that the residents are treated as a part of that family.  Her dedication to staff and residents is evidenced by the family atmosphere at Cedarwood Plaza.

Patty Berry

Director of Rehabilitation

Patty Berry is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and has been with Legacy Health Services for over 18 years.  Her first experience with Legacy Health Services was as a contracted therapist at Franklin Plaza.  She was drawn to an opportunity with Legacy Health Services during that time and became the director of rehabilitation at Cedarwood Plaza.  On why she chose the occupational therapy field, she says “I researched and decided providing care to enrich the lives of others, and especially the elderly, would be a good fit for me. I found I love my profession, and I know that the residents are living and functioning to their fullest.”